Twickenham LED Flush Ceiling Light
Code: CL0255.CH

Influenced by an English 19th century antique, this is a modern take on a traditional design. With a streamlined form and intricate metalwork, the central crossbar is a defining feature.

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Craftsmanship and Materials

The Twickenham LED Flush Ceiling Light showcases exceptional craftsmanship, using precision manufacturing. The design is produced from high-grade anodised steel which is then chrome plated to protect the finish for many years to come.

Design Details

Intricate design details, like the cross banding and circle metalwork on the door, are defining features.

Twickenham LED Flush Ceiling Light
Code CL0255.CH
Height 4.75 inches
Width 11.25 inches
Depth 11.25 inches
Finishes Chrome
Base material Chrome plated anodised steel
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