Product Care


Brass is an extremely durable material which will last for hundreds of years. We do not lacquer the majority of our brass finishes; we chemically age the brass and then apply a pure beeswax so that it has the charm and depth of finish only gained over many years.

Regular dusting should be enough to keep them bright but not over shiny. Excessive handling should be avoided as the acid in fingertips can lead to surface damage. If you wish to brighten the finish we would recommend a light waxing using very fine steel wool (0000 grade) which will gently clean the surface if needed. Dip the steel wool into a small pure beeswax and very lightly rub the surface in a circular motion but be careful not to over polish. After cleaning, gently buff the surface with a soft cotton cloth. A further waxing and gentle buffing using just a cotton cloth will help build up a surface protection if desired.

Our Antique Brass finish should not be polished with abrasive metal cleaners as this will take away the character built up by our craftsman's aging process. The patina on the surface of antique brass continues to build up and mature over many years, so adding to its beauty.

Gilt and Bronze

Gilt and Bronze finishes, by their nature, are delicate and should not be cleaned too vigorously. Excessive handling should be avoided as the acid in fingertips can lead to surface damage. It is advisable to only clean the surface by dusting gently with a soft brush or a cotton cloth. If required, a very light application and buffing with a pure beeswax using only a soft cotton cloth can also help protect the finish. Do not use any chemicals, cleaners or anything abrasive as it may damage the finish.

Specific product care instructions will be provided with your order.

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