Catskill LED Flush Ceiling Light
Code: CL0142.NI

Inspired by a ceiling light we admired in a Parisian brasserie, this light is attractive and compelling with its octagonal form. It is similar to our Hunton Octagonal Ceiling Light, but with a deeper base.

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Craftsmanship and Materials

The Catskill LED Flush Ceiling Light is formed and pressed from nickel plated brass and opaline painted glass.  The light is fitted with a dedicated LED unit.

Available in a bronze or nickel finish.

Artwork by Co-founder Michael Vaughan -

Design Details

The octagonal nickel frame complements the opaline painted glass panels.

Catskill LED Flush Ceiling Light
Code CL0142.NI
Height 4 inches
Width 12 inches
Depth 12 inches
Finishes Nickel
Base material Nickel plated brass with a toughened opaline painted glass
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