Rouen Flush Ceiling Light
Code: CL0022.NI
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Inspired by a 1950s European light fixture, this design is highly decorative yet compact. Horseshoe-shaped glass pieces are interlinked, cascading from the nickel frame to create a wonderful diffusion of light.

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Craftsmanship and Materials

The Rouen Flush Ceiling Light is fabricated from a nickel-plated solid brass frame. Handcrafted horseshoe-shaped glass pieces are attached to the frame in tiers.

The Rouen Flush Ceiling Light is a shorter version of the Sorbonne Flush Ceiling Light. 

Rouen Flush Ceiling Light
Code CL0022.NI
Height 12 inches
Width 14.75 inches
Depth 14.75 inches
Finishes Nickel
Base material Nickel plated brass and glass
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