The Tribal Collection

Based on the travels of mother and daughter duo Lucy and Emma Vaughan, the range is a celebration of hand-made prints and textiles from around the world, with a special emphasis on the craftsmanship and support of local communities. Collaborating together, Lucy and Emma have created a range that focuses on bright and compelling lampshades, one-of-a-kind cushions, and upholstered slipper chairs, where each is selected abroad but finished by hand in the UK.

Beginning with its inception in the UK, the project was initially inspired by Vaughan's textile archives, previously hidden away in cardboard boxes for the past 30 years. Uncovering an extraordinary array of fabric, the pair were ignited by their shared love of textiles, which propelled them towards a trip to India in February. India brought its fair share of gifts, including a multi-sensory Sufi festival in the heart of Rajasthan, to unearthing hidden gems of fabric in the depths of Jaipur. Armed with a clear vision, and great enthusiasm, they selected reams of fabric with the utmost care and attention, keen to add an injection of colour not only into the showroom, but an added vivacity to the business itself.

Upon their return, the two set to work to bring the collection to life, expanding their vision to include Uzbekistan, France, and Ghana, to name but a few. What began as an interest in printed shades soon developed into something greater with the arrival of a line of cushions, followed by a set of slipper chairs. Combining hand-dyed linen with antique cloth, embroidery with cotton, loom-woven prints with chairs, and maintaining the quality Vaughan is renowned for, proved to be quite a balancing act, but one which has thankfully paid off.

The Tribal Collection launch kicks off at Decorex, and launches globally the week of Design Festival Focus. The products are available for purchase in select showrooms only, where they have been carefully curated for your perusal. We invite you to wander, explore, and feel your way through this new collection, and hope you have some fun along the way too.

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