Vaughan celebrates 35 years: a journey of craftsmanship

This year, Vaughan celebrates its 35-year anniversary. We first began producing lighting to meet the requirements of the international design community in 1983. Since then, we have grown to encompass showrooms in London and New York where our expansive collection of decorative lighting and furnishings is displayed. But it takes many processes and people before Vaughan products arrive in the showrooms.

Processes behind each piece

Many Vaughan pieces are produced with the precision and intricacy of fine works of art, calling upon specialist craftsmen and artisans to realise complex sculptural and moulding techniques, such as lost wax casting. This process uses a series of wax models to create the most intricate detailing in brass, while die casting forces molten metal through a cavity and series of steel dies, to simulate a range of textures in metal.

Rare depth of finish

Vaughan products have a depth and richness of finish, by utilising the very finest materials. We work predominately in brass, bronze, nickel and chrome. Our brass has an unlacquered finish, which ages beautifully over time and tarnishes naturally. We often hand-decorate gilt and silver pieces, using authentic distressed effects.

Our lighting has a recognisable superiority, compared to our competitors. In lighting production, the base material is often compromised in favour of cheaper alternatives. But at Vaughan, we understand that to make lighting of the finest quality, that will stand the test of time and last for many generations to come, every part of the production matters. So we use solid cast brass as our lamps' base substance, even when plating in nickel, or finishing in bronze.

Celebrating our team

Behind the doors, in our rural Hampshire headquarters, in Britain, our design team works meticulously to realise every new piece in the collection. Our engineers and makers ensure every element is finished to the highest quality. We adapt traditional skills and artistry with contemporary techniques to reach the requirements of today. Every member of the Vaughan team is critical to the company's success, so our 35-year anniversary is a celebration of our collective skills, dedication, and a very warm thank you to our clients.

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