London Design Week 2019


'Legends' returns for London Design Week 2019 focussing on the windows and showcases within the Design Centre. Celebrating highly creative collaborations between showrooms, designers and tastemakers, it will present a diverse array of original and inspiring displays.

Vaughan has designed three showroom windows inspired by the famous sculptor Alberto Giacometti (1901 - 1966) and his furniture designer brother Diego. The windows incorporate a number of our bronze sculptured products - including table lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights and furniture. Alberto Giacometti was best known for his distinctive elongated figures in bronze and for his textured heavily worked modelling technique. The lights included in our display use the same modelling technique and most are finished in bronze, whilst others use bronze as their base material, a medium Giacometti often used to create some of his most famous pieces (eg, L'Homme qui marche I 1960).

Bronze is highly ductile and is therefore an excellent metal for producing sculpture with a textured surface (see for example, our Bobbin Column Table Lamp). It also allows for intricate detailing (as demonstrated in our Twig Wall Light). Like Giacometti, Vaughan also uses lost wax casting.

Lost Wax Casting Process

Also known as 'investment casting' the lost wax techique is perhaps the oldest form of casting, and yet it is still widely-used today. A technique favoured by Vaughan this traditional form of manufacturing sees sculptors create ceramic moulds of wax models. As soon as the mould is complete the wax model is melted and drained away leaving a hollow mould in which to pour molten metal. Once solidified, the ceramic mould is broken away to reveal a metal sculpture and a patina is then applied to give a rich and intense finish. Whilst lengthy and labour-intensive, the lost-wax casting process allows for a fineness in detail and richness in finish and is a technique used by bronze foundries throughout the world.

Join us in the Vaughan Showroom at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour SW10 0XE

Trade Preview: 10-12 March, All welcome: 13-15 March

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