Chawton Collection

Named after Chawton, a village nestled in the Hampshire hills, this new collection pays homage to the English roots of Vaughan.


Located in the heart of Hampshire, Chawton is known for its ancient woodlands and chalky hills. Famous for being home to Jane Austen in the later years of her life, the village serves as a perfect metaphor for Vaughan's new collection: showcasing the abundance of the natural world and honouring the products' historical context too.


Each new design has been carefully crafted. From the tapered legs seen on the Colbury Table, to the chalk white finish on the Broughton Bobbin Chair, and the decoration on the Marchwood Lantern, no attention to detail has been spared.


Craftsmanship is an essential part of the Vaughan design process and the collection is a satisfying union of products that are rooted in antiques but given a contemporary feel.

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