Elegant Emergency Lighting for Art Deco Mansion Block

When interior designer Sam Bheda started work on the refurbishment of a Grade 2 listed mansion block in London and was looking for some art deco style 'emergency' lights for the public areas, Vaughan were delighted to help.

Sam's vision for the project was to design a space that would capture the elegance of living in a 1930s apartment block, where residents would feel like they had stepped into a luxury hotel every time they returned home.

Brian Craig, Technical Manager at Vaughan, had been working on a prototype which led to the development of the self-contained Catskill Flush Ceiling Light. "Sam had exacting requirements for the Catskill product, which we were able to fulfil in conjunction with our strategic partner, who specialises in the field of emergency lighting" said Brian. "The delivered solution met Sam's specifications for nominal lighting ambience, and CE regulation requirements in normal and emergency lighting modes of operation."

"The lighting throughout the building was a very important element of the overall design scheme" said Sam. "When I started working on the project I considered various options. The Catskill Ceiling Light ticked all the boxes as its octagonal shape and angular design were very much in keeping with the historical context of the building, which is an iconic grade II listed Art Deco mansion block. It was also available in a range of sizes and importantly, could be emergency enabled. I used the largest Catskill Ceiling Light in all the main entrances and then a smaller version in the same bronze finish throughout the stairwell areas to ensure continuity."

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