Focus / 20

Vaughan are delighted to launch the Eltham Collection at Focus / 20. The collection comprises a selection of new products, based on early 20th Century design, featuring four table lamps, and five pieces of faux shagreen furniture. The new collection continues Vaughan's longstanding theme of creating products rooted in antiques, but then given a contemporary flair.

Lucy Vaughan, chairman and co-founder of Vaughan, recalls how the collection came into existence: "From admiring my grandmother's monogrammed boxes, to professionally taking an interest in my time as an antique dealer, shagreen has a particularly special place in my heart. Paired with the lights, it encapsulates all that I love about early 20th century design, with its emphasis on simplicity, purity of line and subtlety of form."

From Monday 14th to Friday 18th September at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

Above left: Hudson Table Lamp. Above right: Fairmont Side Table

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