Tribal Collection

Based on travels across the globe Lucy Vaughan, co-founder of Vaughan Designs, has collaborated with her daughter Emma to form the Tribal Collection.


At the heart of Tribal is a sense of community and collaboration. From working together as a mother-daughter duo, to supporting local communities across Asia, connection is a central part of the project.


Focusing on an array of vibrant lampshades, exquisitely embroidered pillows, and unusual upholstered chairs, the collection aims to celebrate the culture behind the fabrics. Spanning from India and Uzbekistan, to Ghana and South East Asia, a key element of the project is recognising the history and culture from which these fabrics originate.


Echoing Vaughan's existing values, craftsmanship is central to the collection, with an emphasis on hand-made fabric, natural materials, and traditional processes. This translates across the board from block printed shades to the woven silk and cotton that is essential to the making of Kente cloth pillows.

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